Damon Cox – was born in 1995 and first became interested in the theatre organ when on a read trip. It was Reginald Dixon playing Tiger Rag that sparked his whole interest. One day while listening to The Organist Entertains he came up with the idea of doing something similar on-line, and started the whole show off. Damon is a keen enthusiast and is out and about nearly every weekend where he supports a variety of organists and venues. He is the Southern District Secretary of the Cinema Organ Society where he looks after the Troxy Wurlitzer and Clayhall Compton. On top of that, he’s heavily involved with presenting concerts at Singing Hills and Worthing.



John Leeming – a name that very few people in the cinema organ world haven’t heard of. John has been involved with the cinema organ society since the 1970’s and has recently retired after many years as their journal editor and is now involved with the organs at Troxy, Clayhall and Worthing. John has a recording archive second to none and whenever he presents, he’s bound to share interesting recordings from the past, often from events he was present at




Nigel Ogden – Nigel started playing the organ when he was 12, having studied the piano for a number of years. Nevertheless, it was the family trips to see Reginald Dixon at the Wurlitzer in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom that really got him hooked on the beauty of the instrument. His first job was that of a salesman/demonstrator in an electronic organ retail business in Hyde, Cheshire. Later he opened his own electronic organ business in Sale, Cheshire. It was during this time that he also started presenting ‘The Organist Entertains’, a programme on which he’d featured many times as a player since 1972. Nigel spends much of his spare time traveling around the country, playing concerts of popular light and light classical music on theatre organs and in churches, cathedrals and church halls.



James Mclean – was born in 1994 and first fell in love with the Theatre Organ when he heard Reginald Dixon play some tunes which Judy Garland sang. James is a lover of the Blackpool style and has visited the Tower Ballroom many times. You will often see him driving around is his Morris Minor – he is a keen enthusiast. James now has a demanding job repairing lawnmowers, so his contributions are few and far between.




Chris Borg is a sports journalist living in south-east London, and a keen supporter of Norwich City football club. He developed an enthusiasm for the theatre organ in his early teens, and soon acquired a wide-ranging knowledge of organists and their playing styles, both from his father’s collection of recordings and by attending theatre organ concerts and chatting to like-minded enthusiasts. His musical heroes range from Maclean to Rodwell and from Dixon to Wyllie, as well as today’s top players. From light music to jazz, Chris is also a follower of the best popular music from orchestras, big bands, rhythm combos – and anything that brings out the best in these musical genres. He also plays the theatre organ as an element of his hobby, just for his own enjoyment.


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